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Tabitha is a UK based Hair, Make-up & Prosthetic Designer with over 10 years experience working across Commercial, TV/Film, Fashion, Music & Theatre.

Available to work internationally.




Character Design


Straight/Corrective Make-up

Period Make-up


Fashion and Photographic Makeup

Male Grooming 


Prosthetics (Silicone, latex, foam)

Special Effects (Cuts, Bruising, Wounds, Burns)

Blood Work


Bald Caps

Dirtying Down

Full & Half Head casts

Body/Limb Casts

Silicone Limbs


Hair Punching

Wig Setting, Dressing, Styling

Postiche Application

Blow Drying 


Heated Roller Set

Men's hair Styling 


BA Hons Degree: Hair, Make-up and Prosthetics for Performance at London College of Fashion

Diploma: Theatrical, Special effects, Hair and Media Make-up at West Thames College

Period Hair Styling & Male Grooming  at Titanic FX Belfast led by Andrew Whiteoak

Commercial Credits:

Tesco 'I've Got the Power' - Prosthetic Designer

 Sainsburys 'Hey Big Saver' - Hair & Make-up Designer

Sky Bet - Hair & Make-up Designer

Lidl 'Always'- Lead Prosthetic Artist 

Paddy Power 'Miss Bingoton' - Hair & Make-up Designer

Fiverr - Hair & Make-up Designer

Volvo Cars - Hair & Make-up Designer

Aston Martin Cars 'Power, Redefined' - Hair Designer (stand in)

British Heart Foundation 'This is Science' - Hair & Make-up Designer

Google Pixel 'Launch' - Hair & Make-up Designer

DFS Sofa's 'What's Your Thing?'- Hair & Make-up Artist

Nike 'Iconoclast'- Hair & Make-up Artist

Film/TV Credits:

Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania - Creatures Inc LTD Silicone Runner

Empress Clawscream - Hair, Make-up & Prosthetic Designer

Tethered - Hair, Make-up & Prosthetic Designer

Pennyworth Series - Hair & Make-up Artist (Daily)

You Eat Other Animals - Hair, Make-up & Prosthetic Designer

Infinite - Hair, Make-up & Prosthetic Artist (Daily)

Other Conspiracies - Channel 4 Random Acts - Hair, Make-up & Prosthetic Designer

Kitchen Sink -Channel 4 Random Acts - Hair, Make-up & Prosthetic Designer

Paper Boy - Hair & Make-up Designer

Shapes - Hair & Make-up Artist 

Light of the World - Hair & Make-up Designer

Papparaza - Hair & Make-up Artist (Daily) 

Music Credits:

Robbie Williams - Lead Prosthetic Artist ('You Can't Stop Christmas' music video)

Rag 'n' Bone Man, Jam Baxter, OG Rootz - Prosthetic Artist ('Mask' music video)

Foreign Beggars - Hair & Make-up Artist (Stills) 

Janet Devlin - Hair & Make-up Designer ('Honest Men' music video)

Kawala - Hair & Make-up Artist (Stills)

Puppy - Hair, Make-up & Prosthetic Designer ('World Stands Still' & 'Black Hole')

Dylan Cartidge - Hair & Make-up Designer ('Scratch Scratch, Sniff, Sniff')
Massmatiks - Hai
r & Make-up Designer ('One foot in this club')

Mishkin Fitzgerald - Hair & Make-up Artist ('Seraphim')

Fashion/Photographic Credits: 

House Of Holland - Hair & Make-up Artist (E-Com)

Dilara Findikoglu - Hair, Make-up & Prosthetic Artist (London Fashion Week)

Charles Jefferey - Hair, Make-up & Prosthetic Artist (London Fashion Week)

Vogue (Online) Hair, Make-up & Prosthetic Artist (London Fashion Week)

Playboy (Online)Hair & Make-up Artist

Kerrang!  (Printed) Hair, Make-up & Prosthetic Designer

Rankin - Sir Peter Blake - The Art of Conversation (Printed) Hair & Make-up Artist

Theatre/Opera Credits:

Regents Opera 'Ring Cycle' Hair & Make-up Designer

The Queen's Royal Jubilee Horse Show - 'A Gallop Through History' - Lead Hair & Make-up Artist

Icarus Theatre 'Hamlet' - Hair & Make-up Designer

Royal Opera House - 'Opera Re-Imagined' - Hair & Make-up Supervisor

Royal Opera House - 'Mitridate' - SFX Artist

Chealsea Theatre - 'The Gift' - Hair, Make-up & Prosthetic Artist

Myriad Theatre - Flavourology - Mask Designer

Screamfest - Kraken Rum - SFX Artist

Walkure - Freemasons Hall - Hair & Make-up Designer


T A B I T H A   M E I - B O   L I 

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